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We are the bridge between innovative talent, partners and brands, and as such our services are divided into two equal parts. Both of which we give our greatest care and attention to.

Talent management


Nurturing talent’s careers

Having worked with talent for almost two decades, we know that backing their individuality is where the magic lies. To us, our roster is our community – a place where we can create, share and support one another. And so it’s our mission to nurture the careers of our creators, championing their unique styles, skills and identities to help them in forging reputation-building, synergistic collaborations.

Creating synergistic collaborations

Finding, negotiating, and sustaining brand deals involves a multitude of moving parts and a great deal of managerial and industry expertise. This is where Hyped comes in. 

For brands seeking to collaborate with influencers and creators, we filter a complex array of management tasks into a simple, single point of contact. We manage each step on the arc of a brand deal, from sourcing talent and negotiating agreements to organising the fine print and ensuring everything goes smoothly. 

We work alongside our creative talents to ensure deliverables are crafted according to a pre-approved brief, but still exude all the individual flourishes of character that make influencer-led branding so powerful.


All this we do with the insight, knowledge, and care gained through over fifteen years of industry experience, making us both an efficient and attentive partner.

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We recognise the potential of our creators and the talent they bring. We strive to create long-term strategy and opportunities for all.

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