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The power of creative influence.

With talent across the UK, the US, and Europe spanning the realms of fashion, beauty, fitness, food, travel, lifestyle, and gaming, Hyped is host to a diverse roster of creative voices – each with their own speciality and vision.


Underpinning this culture of individual innovation is a collective spirit that unites our constellation of talent. Together, we navigate the rapid transformations in our industry with insight, positivity and conviction. We do not shrink from the future, but seek to shape it.

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As individuals, our creative influence engages targeted, loyal audiences with specific interests. As a collective, our combined power reaches over 25 million followers; connecting with people across the digital landscape.

We celebrate uniqueness, we celebrate unity - together, we are a powerhouse of creativity and change.


Our Past

We are a team of industry experts, channelling over 15 years of knowledge and experience into an innovative management agency for the influencer sphere.

Our Present

We represent influencers and content creators with their fingers on the pulse, connecting them with brands across the globe.

Through reflective and reciprocal relationships with talent and clients, we unite brands with collaborators who chime with their identity and ethos. Done right, these unions are transformative; imbuing brands with a human edge, embedding them in communities and shaping new cultures.

The Future

Influencing today is an elaborate and ever-evolving enterprise. Hyped creators not only actively engage with today's trends, they also create them - keeping their fingers on the pulse of their audiences' changing wants and needs.

Predicting these kinds of social patterns and demands requires acumen, insight and readiness for the future.

Hyped is perfectly primed to anticipate the challenges ahead, as we pool our expertise to venture into 'Web 3.0' and the Metaverse.

In this new internet age of tests and opportunities, we're helping talent craft progressive and pioneering strategies to ensure that they thrive for themselves and for the brands they represent.

Working with Our Partners.

By establishing meaningful relationships between creators and brands who are aligned ideologically, we shape partnerships and collaborations that audiences can believe in.

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At its core, Hyped is a talent management agency with an accomplished history. Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do.

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