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Management for
Influential Creators.

Hyped is a talent management agency for the future. We nurture the careers of our creators, championing their unique styles and identities while forging meaningful relationships with brands to shape synergistic collaborations.

Creative talent management,
crafted for the new era.

Hyped is a community — a supportive space where like-minded experts and talent come together to create, to share, to collaborate to grow.

We proudly partner with creators who are tapped into themselves and their fanbase; those who are creating and shaping new communities and cultures across the digital landscape.

Featured collaborations

Sophie X M&S

It's no secret that @marksandspencer are famous for their undies! But don't sleep on the designer.... 

Conceal, brighten and contour with Rimmel's Multi-Tasker Concealer...

Victoria X Rimmel

Danielle X Evolve Together

Ready for my Friday workout.

Thanks to @we_evolvetogether plant based....

Our Services

Talent Management

Brand Partnerships

User Generated Content

Partnerships built on trust

By building and nurturing reciprocal relationships between our talent and clients, we create an authentic flow, uniting brands with creators who live and breathe their same ethos, and are aligned on a real, human level, creating a synergy that speaks to their faithful audiences.

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